Why We Are Unique

At Freedom Chiropractic, we focus on improving the quality of movement of the spine through the correction of structural shifts.

What is a structural shift of the spine?

Before we get into our focus, we want to be clear on what the conventional chiropractor is attempting to accomplish with their care. Typically they try to:

  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce muscular spasm
  • Temporary relieve pain

Our opinion is that those are some EXCELLENT goals and most chiropractors are great at
obtaining them, but we are unique…

At Freedom Chiropractic our objective and our focus is Structural Correction of the spine.

Most of the cases that we see in our office, which are commonly by referral from other local doctors, are for the correction of significant Structural Shifts of the spine. The presence of one or more Structural Shifts of the spine is typically the underlying cause of many “symptoms”— or what Structural doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions. Structural Correction focuses on the underlying cause- the Structural Shift.

Much like an engineer, we focus on setting up your body to do the activities that you want to do most. An engineer would make sure a bridge could accommodate Houston traffic, and we will make sure your body can accommodate your favorite sport, family activity, or your next adventure.

Dr. Tony Brooks

Dr. Tony Brooks is a former Army Ranger and best-selling author of LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND. He attended the University of Western States for his doctor of chiropractic degree and the University of Southern California for his undergraduate degree in Biology.

  • Advanced Certified in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology by the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego.
  • Pediatric and Perinatal care/ Webster Certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Level 3 Medical by Titleist Performance Institute to treat all levels of golfers

Dr. Brooks takes pride in delivering evidence-informed and up-to-date treatment and evaluations. You will see him often in Montgomery County with his wife, two young children, and dog enjoying everything that Texas has to offer.